Nikon kupuje američkog proizvođača kamera RED

U jednom od najneočekivanijih preokreta u industriji kamera, a to je vest da Nikon kupuje američkog proizvođača kamera RED, Nikon je najavio preuzimanje kompanije RED Digital Cinema, poznate po svojim revolucionarnim digitalnim kinematografskim kamerama kao što su RED One 4K i V-Raptor X. Ovaj potez, koji dolazi manje od godinu dana nakon što je RED…

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This Product Photography Project Garnered Another Client’s WOW!

The goal of my latest product photography shoot for Key Molecule company was to create bright and clean images that would significantly better capture the attention of viewers, surpassing the impact of the photos my client had previously. It was super important to make photos look fresh and clean, just like the skin treated with…

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Jazak water

Jazak water, like natural spring water, comes to us crystal clear. This is the first set of photos I created for the Jazak water company. The idea was to show a couple who are happy and satisfied with their everyday life. The models I chose are pleasant looking and emit positive energy. It came naturally…

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Advertising campaign for The Artisan

I recently finished the advertising campaign for The Artisan. Their product is a Croatian premium London dry gin made of 14 organic plants, which are locally sourced and hand-picked in collaboration with family farmers. To present their product on the world-wide beverage market, they contacted me to create a series of photos, video commercials, and…

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German businessman

Andreas is the top German model.     There is an interesting story behind this shoot and I’d like to share it with you :). In 2016 I was looking for some models in Germany and Andreas popped up on some models website. So I contacted him but he never responded to my message… until 2019…

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Set of images we created in Frankfurt, Germany.      It was real pleasure working with such professionals. All the images from the set are available for licensing atiStockphoto and Getty Images. City: FrankfurtCountry: GermanyDate of shoot: DEC 16th 2019

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This shoot was made in cooperation with five multi-ethnic models in Belgrade. It was about start-up team who is working together in an co-working space.     To license many photos from this set, please visit iStockphoto or Getty Images. City: BelgradeCountry: SerbiaDate of shoot: NOV 17th 2019

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Portraits created for Saša Popović, CEO and co-founder of Vega IT Sourcing. Vega IT is an experienced software development service provider, working mostly with companies located in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company was founded in 2008 and is still led by the original founders. Since 2008, Vega IT Sourcing have grown…

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