Sell a single stock photo over a THOUSAND times! Here’s how!

Stock photography is not a new kind of business, but these kinds of photographs are sold now more than ever before. I will give you a recipe on how to sell a single stock photo over a thousand times!

There are many photographers who are copying the work of others and piling on what has already been made in abundance for the market, but if you employ just a bit of creativity and work smarter, you might provide a solution to many other fields that request quality photographs still lacking in stock sites. There is enough space for you to sell a single stock photo over a thousand times!

The business world is constantly developing. The speed at which technology is developing is impossible to follow. New unsaturated fields that need stock photographs as one of the forms of promotion are being created daily.

A huge portion of the business world relies on the production of digital services and products that are being consumed through smartphones. It is not a surprise that the most sold stock photographs are the ones that depict hands holding a smartphone. There are a plethora of photographs with a smartphone screen for you to place within it, whatever you want. What do you think, how would the clients react if they had a ready-made smartphone display with a design that’s a focal point of their creation on a stock site. They would be stoked! It cuts their effort and cost. They are searching for content of that kind every minute, and it is up to you to deliver.

Miroslav Georgijevic explains how to sell a stock photo over a thousand times.

Take a look at this tutorial in which I explain hot to Sell a single stock photo over a THOUSAND times. It’s about making a shoot where a person holds a smartphone whit a uniquely designed application, website, or other similar content that will make your photograph desirable on stock sites.

Please, watch the video now and kick-ass in sales!

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